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When you think about getting a swimming pool, you immediately think about the space dedicated exclusively to the pool and instinctively start the cost benefit analysis in terms of space, especially if it is an indoor swimming pool to be installed in your basement or extension.

However, pools with moving floors have changed all that, increasing numbers of clients are choosing pools with a movable lifting floor because of the space-saving benefits.  Moving floor technology enables a pool to be designed and built with a floor that can be raised from the base of the pool to change the water depth and to cover the pool completely, sealing it off with a load-bearing floor.


Within a few minutes of flicking a switch on a control panel on the pool, the moving floor, which resides at the base of the pool when it is completely lowered, rises effortlessly and the water vanishes beneath the floor as it rises to the top of the pool, returning the room or garden space to its original state. When it's time to swim again, the moving floor is lowered and water goes under the floor through the gap between the floor and the pool wall.

With our moving pool floors, you can have a deep swimming pool in the morning, a paddling pool for younger children or a mid-depth pool for exercise and water games in the afternoon, and a terrace for entertaining friends in the evening...!

We are designers and installers of bespoke high-end movable pool floors. Our team of designers and independent consultants works with a variety of lifting pool floor manufacturers around the world and selects the best possible solution for your project.

There are quite a few types of moving pool floor systems available in the market, some more suitable than others for a particular type of project, and every manufacturer will try to convince you that their system is the best one. We work with most of them and are in a position to evaluate your needs and work out a system that is guaranteed to work as per your brief.


If you are looking for unbiased advice on design and installation of a moving pool floor for your pool or spa, then you have come to the right place. We are unparalleled in our undivided attention to our clients, we take pride in our high standards of professionalism, and we believe that no one else works harder to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end result.


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