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Along with new moving floor design and installation, we also service and repair moving pool floors. If you are looking to get a moving pool floor installed or experiencing problems with your existing moving floor, please call or email us or fill up this form.  

Like any mechanical system, a moving pool floor can sometimes malfunction or experience problems thus requiring repairs. Some common issues that we come across are :

  • Motor or power pack problems: The motor and / or  power pack are drive train are responsible for generating the force to move the floor up and down, and can get develop faults.

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic issues: Many moving pool floors use hydraulic or pneumatic systems to lift and lower the floor, occasionally the seals or hoses can wear out and leak, or indeed snap cleanly off the joints.

  • Structural damage: The floor itself may become bent with repeated use, plus usual wear and tear or other factors, so repairs may be needed to reinforce or replace damaged sections of the floor.

  • Control system faults: If the control system that operates the moving floor is not working properly, the floor may not respond to commands or may not move at all.

If you are experiencing problems with your swimming pool's moving floor, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage and to ensure that the pool remains safe and functional. Our engineer should be able to diagnose and repair any issues with your moving floor, just fill up the form.

There would be a call out charge to cover the travel cost & time for the first visit. 


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